I have read in UK government website they do
Community sponsorship since 2016 .
does anyone know how it work.
1.what is elegabilty for it.
2. what the conditions to apply
3.who you need to contact to apply.
Thank you
asked Aug 17, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by sherif

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Hello @sherif

Nice to hear from you again.

1) The programme is open for every person/family from the Middle East or Northern Africa that is at risk and therefore in need of resettlement (see next point for more information).

2) The Community Sponsorship programme is part of the UK's "Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme" (VPRS). It resettles refugees that fit the UNHCR Vulnerability Criteria. At least one member of the household that wants to be taken into consideration for resettlement has to meet at least one of the criteria.

The list contains for example "survivors of violence or torture, or both", "women and girls at risk" or "refugees with legal or physical protection needs, or both" amongst others (read page 3 of the PDF linked below for detailed information).


3) I quote from the PDF linked above: "Those recognised as refugees by the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) are referred to the UK’s Resettlement Team (...). Refugees resettled through these schemes are granted five years’ refugee leave on arrival in the UK."

Best regards,


answered Aug 20, 2018 by Thor
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