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Dear guys, first of all, really thanks for your all answers, you are really a big help for the people. I almost got my answer while reading the similiar questions, want to be sure again, so shortly summarized:

I live in Germany but met my boyfriend, who is an Iranian refugee in Turkey, (under UNHSR), without a passport, but just Turkish Refugee ID. The question is:

After us getting married here in Turkey, would he be able to apply for German Family Union Visa? I am planning to call the embassy for the further infos also, but wanted to get first your opinion.

Million thanks again and again.
asked Aug 17, 2018 in Legal advice by Rafiga

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Yes he can apply for the German family reunion visa at the German Embassy in ankara Turkey after you guy's have successfully married there. But he will need a Passport or Passport substitute e.g Refugee Travel Document in other to get the Visa. the Visa can't be issued on he's ordinary Identity Card.
One has to be in possession of a PASSPORT or Passport EQUIVALENTS Documents in other to be issued a visa.
Best regards
answered Aug 17, 2018 by Nelly Overcomer
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