Hi I wanna ask one simple question

I’m one boy from one state what’s not still in EU but my Girlfriend is from Finland She lives there from long time have residence permit and alien passport my.question is can we get married with that passport And can she travel with it for my state is not needed visa

asked Aug 12, 2018 in Legal advice by Loni | 1,326 views

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Sorry i don't really get your question very well do you meant that you are from a country which is not part of the European Union and that your Girlfriend lives in Finland for a long time and she's not yet a finish Citizen but she have a finish residence permit and aliens passport and you want to know if she will be able to Marry you with her finish alien passport and if she can travel freely to your country without a visa?
answered Aug 12, 2018 by Nelly Overcomer
Yes that is What I wanna know I’m from Kosovo
Nelly Can you answer me fast pleasee
Firstly she will need a visa. Kosovo is not part of the European Union.
Secondly she have to meet up with the requirements. e.g Passport, Birth certificate and also providing the Certificate of No impediment.

Completed application form.
For Foreign Nationals: Persons of foreign nationality must show a document issued by authorities in their home country stating that the foreign national is free to marry, and no existing legal impediment preventing the said individual from getting married. The said document/certificate becomes invalid if the marriage is not entered within six months after its issuance.
Inquire at the municipal registry about other documents you will need to submit before you can get married. Documents to be submitted varies in each case depending on the nationality of the applicant, or whether they have been married.
So i'm not 100 percent sure about the alien passport but does she have Her country's National identity Card or other Documents stating her Nationality, try to get in contact with the REGISTRY OFFICE in the Town or City in Kosovo where you want to marry
Best regards
Nelly For Kosovo States what are in schengen not hAve need visa to visit Kosovo my question was can She travel to Kosovo with alien passport She is refugee in Finland have residence permit and all
Hi Loni i have found the answer to your questions. It seems she can travel to Kosovo with her finish Residence Permits but only for a period of 15 days.but Since she will be marrying there it means she might have to apply for a Kosovo Marriage Visa. Normally Eu Residence Permits holders are only allowed to travel freely without a visa within the European Union for a period of 90days. As for her alien's passport, since she's a recognised Refugee in Finland the Passport will be accepted as a valid Travel Document to Kosovo. Kosovo accepts all valid Travel Documents issued by Eu Countries as a passport Substitute for entering its territory but i don't know if it will be sufficient as a valid proof of identity for the Marriage. You can check this link out its directly from the Kosovan Ministry of Foreign affairs.
****://***.mfa-ks.net/?page=2,158 but as i said earlier you have to contact the specific Registry office there in Kosovo to find out if her alien Passport will be accepted as a Passport Substitute. Good luck
Thanks a lot bro
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