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I am from Pakistan. My fiancee is a refugee in Canada. He cant come back to his homeland to marry me. Can we marry in Singapore if he comes there on a tourist visa with a refugee travel document?
Can a marriage take place if he is without a passport... is refugee travel document enough for this purpose?
asked Jun 6, 2017 in Legal advice by Xxxx

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Hello @Insaa,

A tourist visa should meet the needs. Source of information and more details on marriage requirements in Singapore: See AngloInfo:

Best regards
answered Jun 6, 2017 by Jan
Thanks for the reply. We have all the other documents. They ask for the orginal passports. I have my passport but my fiance is a refugee in canada so he has the refugee travel document. Will it be accepted for a marriage to take place in Singapore?
I couldn't find a clear statement about that. So "all holders of non-regular travel documents must consult the Singapore embassy or the nearest consulate on visa requirements to visit Singapore" - Source: Singapore Ambassadors to the United States of America: Singapore Embassy list in Canada:
Thankyou so much for the help and guidance. I will surely consult them. Thanks again.May God bless you.Ameen
Best Regards,
You are welcome. All the best for you and your fiancee!
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