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Am currently holding a schengen visa and my fiance is a German. We have now agreed to marry but he's not working. He's depending on social. If I travel to meet him in Germany for our marriage, will I be given staying permit even though he's not working?
asked Aug 4, 2018 in Legal advice by Joycebaby

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Hello @Joycebaby

Nice to hear from you again.

As long as your future husband is German (or a EU citizen) you have a right to get a residence permit after getting married to him. It doesn't matter in this context that he is unemployed.

Keep in mind that you have to get a so-called "Visum zur Eheschließung" (visa to get married). It's not allowed to marry in Germany if your visa wasn't issued for this specific purpose (e.g. a tourist visa is not sufficient).

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answered Aug 6, 2018 by Thor
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