Hi again. I am considering to take up a Bachelor's Degree in English at a university. Is it possible to gain an Ausbildung with that degree? How will the path to a successful Ausbildung be from that point?
asked Jul 18, 2018 in Education by someoneingermany | 1,519 views

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Hello @someoneingermany

You have to keep in mind that a universitary degree and an Ausbildung are two different paths. Check out this thread here on Wefugees to get an overview of the differences (scroll down a bit for the English version):


Of course you can still do an Ausbildung after studying, but it would make more sense to start an Ausbildung if that's what you want to do.

You can also do a so-called "Duales Studium" in Germany which means that you study at university, but you also spend some time working in a company to gather practical experience.

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answered Jul 18, 2018 by Thor
Hallo @Thor, Thank you for your response! Just to give some context to my question: Recently I went to an"Info-Tag" at a university. Because of that, I am considering to ask for a consultation at that university to help me with their perspective to make my way to studying and enriching my experience. Anyway, will the university be able to tell me more about 'Duales Studium'? How will I know if my university of choice will offer such a thing? Also, for example, if I have my Duales Studium, I would have a residency permit for that, correct?
Of course you can directly ask your university of choice about there offers in this regard. Apart from that you can use search engines that list free spots for duales Studium. For example this one: https://***.wegweiser-duales-studium.de/hochschulen-unternehmen-finden/ You can use the filters on the left to get the results that are of interest for you.

Keep in mind that starting to study won't grant you a residence permit. However, doing an Ausbildung and applying for an Ausbildungsduldung will enable you to stay for the duration of your Ausbildung (around three years) and two additional years (maybe you heard of this so-called "3+2" already).
@Thor: So a "Duales Studium" won't get me a residence permit the same way an Ausbildun would, correct? If I do get an Duales Ausbildung, do I need to apply for an Ausbildungduldung as well? O..o
As far as I found out, an Ausbildungsduldung can only be issued if you do an Ausbildung. It's not going to work if you are studying. You have to apply for it at Ausländerbehörde.
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