Hallo everyone, i have a question about Ausbildung and studying in university if you have information so you can write it in comment . I want to start ausbildung and also if it is possible i want to study in university but i dont know it is possible to do both or not.
asked Aug 5, 2016 in Education by Nasir | 2,033 views
Dear @Nasir, if you need help finding the institutions that provide this dual studies in the town you are living just tell us!
Hallo, it will be good if you give me more information about the institutes that provide dual in berlin.
Hello Nasir, here is a list of institutes in Berlin (Wegweiser Duales Studium): ****://bit.ly/2aZMlnb

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Hello Nasir,

you can do both at the same time, in Germany it's called "Duales Studium". There are public and private providers. We have several types of cooperative education (German Wikipedia quote):

- Ausbildungsbegleitende Studiengänge (Vocational Training Attendant Learning Programs)
- Ausbildungsintegrierende Studiengänge (Vocational Training Integrated Learning Programs)
- Berufbegleitende Studiengänge (Job Attendant Learning Programs)
- Berufsintegrierende Studiengänge (Job Integrated Learning Programs)[2]
- Praxisbegleitende Studiengänge (Work Attendant Learning Programs)
- Praxisintegrierende Studiengänge (Work Integrated Learning Programs)

For details see an introduction especially for foreign students: ****://bit.ly/2b0FcnR (German text).

Kind regards, Jan
answered Aug 5, 2016 by Jan
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