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I got the divorce decree but my status is refugee duldung .

As a foreigner needs to give documents to Standesamt for verification that they send their documents to home country for verification. As i heard that they send the documents for checking is status weather he is married in his home country or not .

But in my case I got the divorce decree from Germany and other documents like my passport and birth certificate from my home country I will get .  Does the Standesamt need the verification of my documents ?
asked Jul 16, 2018 in Legal advice by Zichako
edited Jul 16, 2018 by Zichako

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Hello @Zichako

As always, nice to hear from you again.

It's true that Standesamt sometimes has to send documents to your home country in order to check whether they are valid or not. Sometimes they have to get in contact with local lawyers for this reason. This procedure can take quite a long time (up to several months). If you tell us where you are from, we can do some research about the verification procedure in your home country.

Officials at Standesamt will tell you which documents they need to verify and if you have to provide certified translations of your documents. It's a discretionary decision whether verification is necessary or not, which is why it's not possible to make generalized statements.

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answered Jul 17, 2018 by Thor
I m from Pakistan and I got divorce in Germany .
My status in Germany is duldung .
I have one more question that is it dangerous for me that they can deport me if I try to get marriage?
Thank you for clarifying the matter.

I did a little bit of research and found out that the verification procedure in Pakistan usually takes around 4 months, but it can last longer in some cases.

Since your legal status is Duldung, it can be a risk to marry in Germany. It depends on the reasons why your deportation has been suspended. If it is because authorities didn't have a valid passport of yours, then submitting your passport at Standesamt can cause your deportation (if they inform Ausländerbehörde about it).
It means that I can not get marriage because it will be dangerous for me . Please tell me the way that what should I do
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