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I have my marriage certificate from my country Syria and i used to translate it here in germany at a translation office. Now what should i do to let this certificate to be verified. Therefore i can live with my husband. Thanks for your help
asked Oct 4, 2018 in Other Questions by Ryan

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Dear @Ryan, if you have done the translation at a certified translation office, then the document is valid as it is. However, if it not done by a certified translator you would have to do it through them. If it is by a certified translator, you go to the local standesamt and get the Beglaubigung/verification. If you tell in which city/town you need it, I can look it up and get you the right point of contact. I hope we could assist you. Best regards, Nilab
answered Oct 4, 2018 by Nilab
Hello, am living now Husum, i just want to know if a go to the Standesamt they don't ask me for other Documents. And it take alot of time to give me the Beglaubigung? Thanks in advance
Dear @Ryan, I went on the website of the city of Husum and found out the following: - you need proof og your identity - original documents with certified documents - pay the fee However, I couldnt find out how much it might cost, you would have to contact and check with them:,2214.4.1&ModID=10&FID=38.43.1&NavID=2214.50&La=1&ort=38.1 Best regards, Nilab
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