I am refugee and I was married before my refugee status . So my divorce file is under process in the court . But in my Aufenthaltsgestattung written that I am single . After when I get my divorce and wants to get marriage with my girlfriend . Will it be problem for me that in my auffenthaltgestattung written that I am single?
Second question is that after divorce will it be easy for me to get marriage quickly in Germany
As I heard that when refugee wants to get marriage in Germany then Standesamt sends the verification to his country and it takes time . But in my situation is different ?
asked Nov 5, 2017 in Legal advice by Kikia
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Hello @Kikia

If you have been married to someone and you want to get married in Germany again, you need to prove that your previous marriage has been divorced. So if your Aufenthaltsgestattung says “single” that shouldn’t turn into a problem when you want to get married again. But I can’t tell you in how far it might be an issue during your divorce file. The judge probably wants to know why it says so, even though you are legally married to someone.

Concerning your second question:

As I said, you need proof that your previous marriage is divorced. To do so, you can hand in your divorce decree along with the other required documents at Standesamt. You can find an overview about that in this thread of yours:


As Baris pointed out in the thread linked above, some documents need to be verified by the German embassy in your home country first. But I can’t tell you if this rule applies to you. May I ask where you are from? I can do some further research then.

Best regards,
answered Nov 6, 2017 by Thor
I m from Pakistan
Alright, thank you for clarifying this! As far as I can see, your documents need to be send to a German diplomatic representation in Pakistan (Standesamt will do that after you handed them in). They will forward the documents to a lawyer that will check and certify them. But you should probably talk back to your competent Standesamt to find out what documents they need exactly and which of them have to get verified. They can also tell you how much it will cost. Keep in mind that the whole verification process will take at least 4 months (maybe 6 or longer).
Why it is not easy to get divorce in Germany?
Why it takes long time ?
I do not know in how many months the divorce is final ?
I don’t have property or children such as other things .i need only divorce. In my divorce I still do not know that where is my wife exactly. I got marriage in 2013 but it did not work between us
Hello @Kikia - I understand that you are eager to get a result on your divorce case. But keep in mind that marriage and divorce are momentous events that not only influence your private life, but have consequences in terms of legal and financial aspects as well. That's why it's nothing that can/should be done without thorough thought and why it's such a complicated matter that takes a long time to be processed. I can only advise you to wait patiently, especially since bureaucracy in Germany is not the fastest sometimes (or at least it feels like that ;) Best, Thorgen
Thank u very much
How much time does it take for divorce in Germany?
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