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I m refugee in Germany but I m taking divorce in Germany . I want to ask that (normally for foreigners need to bring documents from their countries to send for verification to their countries from Standesamt)

After my divorce in Germany do I need to bring other documents for marriage?

Or my divorce is enough for marriage in Germany because this divorce is taken in German court .

Can you tell me by the law that what I need more ?
asked Mar 15, 2018 in Legal advice by Zichako

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Hello @Zichako

Nice to hear from you again!

Divorce and marriage are two separate procedures. After divorce you will still have to hand in all the required documents at Standesamt in order to marry again (passport, certificate of birth, certificate of no impediment and maybe some others). Providing nothing but the divorce certificate is not going to be sufficient because Standesamt has to check your identity and they need to find out if there are other reasons for which you might not be able to marry.

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answered Mar 15, 2018 by Thor
Is it dangerous for me that I give my documents and then they can deport me? Because my asylum is rejected
@Zichako Yes, it is risky to hand in your passport at Standesamt if your asylum application has been rejected. Authorities need your passport in order to deport you. Did you appeal against the decision by BAMF? If so, you won't get deported till the end of your procedure (but it still might happen afterwards). If not, submitting your passport might cause deportation in case Standesamt informs Ausländerbehörde about it. Anyway, I highly recommend you to get in touch with a counselling center or a lawyer to take a closer look at your case. Unfortunately we can't offer in-depth advice here on the platform in cases as complex as yours. Best regards, Thorgen
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