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I got marriage In Europe but my wife left me 2 years ago and Now I m in another Europe country. Can I get marriage with another woman without divorce?
I do not have from my wife divorce letter
asked May 10, 2017 in Legal advice by Zichako

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Hello @Zichako,

you need a valid divorce letter if you want to apply for a second marriage in Germany. Concerning the regulations concerning other countries in the EU see this informatiave survey  provided by the EU authority:

Best regards
answered May 10, 2017 by Jan
How they will know that I m married before in Europe or not?  Secondly I m not European
I could imagine that chances are low that authorities will find out that you have been married before, if it happened outside the EU. But keep in mind that your future marriage will be nullified in case they find out about it. Bigamy is not allowed in any European country and e.g. in Germany it is a penal offense.
As an addition information see this posting at wefugee community:
My question is that can they find my past marriage in Europe country? I live in other European country and I want to get marriage .i do not have any option to get divorce letter . As you told me that if it happened outside Europe. I am asking about in Europe they can find the past marriage in another European country ?
Zichako less than a minute ago
Hi Zichako, not sure whether they can/will find out. But as Thor said: if you do it, you committing a criminal offence in several respects (bigamy and cheating the authorities). It only Needs your old wife to inform the authorities and then you will be in big trouble. So I would strongly recommend you try to get a proper divorce before.
In Germany a marriage registrar has to accept the legal preconditions. in case of doubt he can make even extensive investigations, including countries outside of Germany ( The risk may be high then to be discovered, so a marriage registrar recently told me.
I have a question that i got marriage in Romania and my wife is not with me . I can not get divorce and I m refugee in Germany now . I can not get divorce because I have to go to Romania and I can not go there and I do not know where is she. Can you help me out because I did not register my marriage in my country . What should I do ?
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