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Hello, First of all I am sorry for my English. My girlfriend lives in France and she has a refugee status there. I am from Georgia (Non-EU), not USA, it is a country. Can I get marry with her in France despite of my non EU nationality? If does, can I have a right to work and stay in France legally ?

I know that this community is granted for refugees of German, but if you have some information about french law, please help me. If you don't know how it goes in France, then please tell me how does it goes Germany in the same situation?
asked Jul 30, 2017 in Legal advice by Deme

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Hello @Deme

Welcome to our community! And don't worry, your English is not bad at all :)

Broadly speaking it seems to be possible for foreigners to get married in France. But there is a few things to keep in mind:

You and your girlfriend must live in France for atleast one month since the announcements of the banns. In addition there is a number of documents that you need to provide and you are highly recommended to get in touch with local authorities to find out which exactly they need. You will find the whole list following the link below.


Unfortunately I don't know in how far the refugee status of your girlfriend affects the marriage-process. I'd highly recommend you to get in contact with local authorities in France in order to find out how they handle these cases.

Concerning your question about the possibilites to enter the French labour market:

In order to work in France you will have to have a contract with an employer before you can be granted a visa. You have to submit this contract along with your application for a work visa at the French embassy or consulate in your country.

For detailled information about different types of visa and labour market access in France please check out the following link:

Best regards,
answered Jul 31, 2017 by Thor
Great answer @Thor
Thank you !

I am really sorry for my late answer. I would say to you that you are very kind person who is going to do everything to help unknown people and thank you so much for this.

I have qualifying question. Let's imagine that I get married with my girlfriend who has refugee status (10 year living permission). Does this makes me able to stay in France? I am from non eu country, from Georgia so I can stay without visa for 3 month and if i will get marry with my girlfriend does the french government  makes me able to stay there? Will i get staying permission by marriage with refugee when i am not from eu member country?

Thank you so much !
Hello @Deme - I'm glad to hear that my answer was helpful to you. To answer your follow-up question: No, marrying a recognized refugee does not grant you the right to stay there. It’s not possible to get a residence permit through family reunion if you two married after her refugee status was granted. Here is the source for this information:

Broadly speaking, marrying a citizen (!) of a country grants you the right to stay there (at least that’s how it works in Germany). But being a refugee doesn’t put you on a par with citizens in this regard.

Best regards, Thorgen
Thank you !
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