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i am refuge but my wife  was burn in germany we get married in germany but now am not allowed to stay with her becaus am refuge but i think is eropen law and human right to be with your wife no matter what i need help this my email
asked Dec 10, 2017 in Legal advice by da
Hello @da - welcome to our community and thank you for your question. I think I need a little more information to understand your situation. Did you receive any letters or documents for example by Ausländerbehörde that explain why you are not allowed to stay? It could be that you have to go back to your home country first, apply for a visa and then come back with it (see Steven’s answer in this thread for example: But we need more information to give you advice. Best regards, Thorgen
Ausländerbehörde say i cannot stay with my wife they sent me a latter that i have to live germany for 30 day and my wife is allwes  caryin. But  if i look in my country 2 off my sisters married to eropen. Citzien and we didnot distop dem they live in my country free with repect .but look at me in erope am not allow to stay with my love my heart my feel becaus of what are we all not human . my wife and the family are doing every thing but still notting is happen. Even u are workin and payin tex is even nottin we are both working .but still nottin .becaus of this many kids in erop didnot know there fathers .who are we have to blem father or low makers .what is the right of human in this world .

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Hello @da

As I wrote in my initial comment it could be that you have to go back to your home country in order to apply for a visa. With said visa you can come back to Germany to apply for a residence permit (which you are entitled to get because you are married to a German citizen). I know that sounds like a totally pointless rule, but unfortunately it’s not uncommon. I can’t tell you though if that’s what Ausländerbehörde had in mind when they send you the letter that you mentioned. To make a definite statement about that I’d need to have more information about your situation.

Germany (as well as the whole European Union) try to make sure that the asylum system is not misused by people to enter the labour market. That’s why having a job and paying taxes is not directly linked to the asylum procedure and authorities’ decision to grant a residence permit. Of course there is different laws in other countries. That’s why your sisters can live with their husbands in peace in your home country. But in Germany there is different rules :/

Best regards,
answered Feb 5, 2018 by Thor
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About:I am Asylum seeker my Asylum is rejected From German and they want to Deport me and I have know married with polnish women married in Poland and my Asylum is Finish and I don’t go any more Ausländer bhore because they want to deport me know I am married and my Girlfriend have German paper . She only born poland but she have everything German Job Hause know we married if she go Ausländer bhore and told them we married and they still deport me or not or I must go back Pakistan come with visa or they don’t deport me or better I go back poland and make there paper work please answer me know I am poland stay until I have good answer come because my wife father have poland Hause to so what I do ?Edit my Profile
answered Apr 20, 2019 by Umair
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