Hallo Ladies and Gentlemen ,

Thank you for the great effort put on this website ,, i have an urgent case , and its regarding applying for an Asylum for religious reason ...

I would share in details if required , but to make the story short , I am from Jordan , and been living in Dubai for 29 years , and two years ago i have changed my ways of thinking and believes and became an anti-religion guy . call me an Atheist or an apatheist.. 

my family knew about it , and i have received an oral threats from my "so called " family in Jordan , to be killed , my parents kept trying to convince me to be back on what they called the " right path " but for me i cant live in such society that doesn't appreciate my believes and views ! 

oh btw , i was once thrown in Jail in Dubai because of this topic !!

i came to Germany two months ago , and my visit visa expired , and i was confused to apply because i didn't have the full papers with me and i was really afraid to be departed back to jordan since my VISA in Dubai was cancelled and they asked me to leave within  a month time ...

please advice on this matter , can i rest assure that i wont be sent to my country , and face a jail or execution sentence , since in their Religion , who convert from islam to any other thing , they have to KILL HIM !!

please let me know if there is any Lawyer in Cologne or Bonn Area , that i can meet 

thanks a lot for your time ..

asked Jul 5, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by Hattem | 1,517 views

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Hello @Hattem

Welcome to the Wefugees community and thank you for your question.

It is possible to get asylum based on religious reasons. However, as you pointed out already, I'd recomment to get in touch with a lawyer to prepare the interview and the general asylum procedure.

There are search engines that you can use in order to find a fitting lawyer. I used such an engine and set the filters accordingly:


You can send them a message through the website directly.

The website is in German. If you are having trouble with it, feel free to ask further questions.

Best regards,


answered Jul 6, 2018 by Thor
Guten Tag ..
thank you a lot Thor for your reply and help and for the link provided , i will go through the link and try to translate a little bit before contacting some of the lawyers ..

i am sorry about bothering you but my second concern is about 2 things :
1 ) my visa ; since it was a visit visa and it expired and i overstayed for a month and a week is this gonna be a problem ?
2) if i have some family that i know in one area and that they will be like helping me , is it possible to be kept in the same area or near to them ?

appreciate your help and thank you again

warm regards,
@thor waiting your advice sir ..

Hallo @Hattem

1) I don't think this is going to be a problem. Most refugees enter Germany without a visa and apply for asylum (or apply for it after their visa expired). Unless you wait with your application until authorities find out about your "illegal" stay and try to deport you, it shouldn't be a problem.

2) In general, you will be sent to a federal state that you can't chose yourself. Maybe you can already tell the authorities in the "Aufnahmeeinrichtung" that you have family members in Germany. Otherwise you can file a so-called "Umverteilungsantrag" at Ausländerbehörde after your asylum procedure. Chances of success are quite high when you can provide convincing reasons why they should allow you to move (e.g. family reunification).

Best regards,


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