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Hello there hope i can get some answers.
i have been married for less than 3 years to a german. i got 3 years permit. been working for 2 years and 3months now, got my A1 B1 B2 and even Einbürgerung. if we seperate now, can i Renew my Permit when it's Expire? base on me working and not taking socialhelp or support.
asked May 7 in Legal advice by shaggy (170 points)

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Hello @shaggy

Welcome to the Wefugees community and thank you for your question.

You obtain the right to get a residence permit independently from your wife after two years of being married to her. Keep in mind that this is not an unlimited residence permit. You would get that if you were married for three years and if you don't divorce afterwards.

Sources (German language):

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answered May 8 by Thor (62,450 points)
wow @thogen thanks for ur fast answer.. one lawyer i went to in Bremen told me if i seperate and they know, then i will get immediately a removal letter that i have to leave the country even when am not divorced or when i go to renew then i wont be granted a renewer  because i am seperated, even if i am working and can take care of myself. i mean i stayed married for 2 and half years and i am working legally more than 2 years now. why would she say that?
The first website I linked above says that you will be granted a residence permit if there are no reasons to deport you. I'm not familiar enough with your case to tell whether there are such reasons or not. The lawyer you contacted can probably give you more detailed insights into this topic.
the only reason to deport me will be not marrying and staying with my spouse for the 3 years complete ..  best regards thorgen
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