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Greetings and good day to you !

On the behalf of my friend who needs help in difficut situation who is facing at the moment.

My Friend who face problem belongs to Afghanistan . He is married to a girl and the girl was already married and left her husband and now living with my friend along with her two kids.

They are facing life threatens and escaped and living in other part of the country . They tried their best to seek shelter and visited many foreign embassy in afghanistan for help but they got regusal.

Is there any possibilities if they go to Dubai or thialand and contact United nations for help ?

Will they help them or not ? Kindly give me legal advise how it works and they can apply for Asylum .

Your reply and comment will be highly apprecaited .

Best Regards
asked Apr 24, 2018 in Legal advice by Sam Sam

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Hello @Khan

Nice to hear from you again!

It's nearly impossible to make an application for asylum in an embassy. So basically the only way to apply for asylum is by going to the respective country (quite often this has to be done "illegally" because they won't issue a visa for the purpose of seeking asylum).

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) runs a resettlement program. Its purpose is to re-settle refugees (that already sought shelter in a country) to another country. Reasons for that can be that a return to their home country is not likely in the foreseeable future and/or that the conditions in the country that took them in are unbearable.

Preferably they choose refugees that already lived outside of their home country for a longer period of time to end their precarious situation and to enable them to build a new life somewhere else. Also, refugees that are considered to be exceptionally vulnerable (eldery, children etc.) will be chosen primarily. So maybe your friend and his girlfriend have a chance since they are "adulterer/adulteress" with two children.

Best regards,

answered Apr 25, 2018 by Thor
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