Hello ,

I would like to ask about “ asylfolgeantrag “

When my refugee is rejected from the court and after this I can make the file for asylfolgeantrag. Does it secure ? And any postive for me ?

Second question

Does Germany deport Pakistani refugees ? Because I heard that now they can send Pakistani refugees ? Before I heard that they can not send them without valid documents? Can you tell me about this

I will be very thankful to you
asked Apr 23, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by Zichako | 1,201 views

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Hello @Zichako

Nice to hear from you again.

1.) You can do an Asylfolgeantrag. In order to be successful with such a second application you need to provide convincing evidence to prove that your personal situation respectively the situation in Pakistan changed for the worse since your first application. You have to show that there is new evidence that hasn't been known or taken into account during your first process. You need to show them that you would face an unbearable situation in your home country if you were sent back.

2.) It's true that German authorities can only deport you if they have a valid proof of identity (usually the passport). Without such a document the receiving state (like Pakistan) could refuse to take you in because it hasn't been proven that you are a Pakistani citizen.

On the other hand, I found this note from the Bavarian refugee council that states that some asylum seekers who commited a crime have been sent back even if they didn't have the required documents

Source (German language): ****://***.fluechtlingsrat-bayern.de/abschiebungen-nach-pakistan.html

At the moment it's not clear if they only deport delinquents or if deportation will also be extended to "normal" rejected asylum seekers.

Best regards,


answered Apr 24, 2018 by Thor
Thanks for answer .
If I do asylfolgeantrag. Is it safe for me ?
I'm glad to hear that it was helpful!

What exactly do you mean by "safe"?
I mean they can not deport me if I have asylfolgeantrag
You won't get deported if BAMF accepts your application for Folgeantrag. Ausländerbehörde has to wait for the final decision on your case before they can send you back. But it can easily happen that BAMF doesn't accept the application because the new evidence you provided is not sufficient to start a new procedure (from their point of view). In this case you can get deported because your legal-status is that of a rejected asylum-seeker.
If BAMF does not accept my asylfolgeantrag then I have right to do the appeal or not ?
You can go to court in order to appeal. Along with the decision of BAMF you will receive a paper called "Rechtsmittelbelehrung". Usually it's the last one of the letter. It contains information about the court that is responsible, the deadline you have and other important information.

In this case it might be important to have a lawyer. If deportation is imminent s/he needs to file a so-called "Eilantrag" in court to postpone deportation. If this doesn't happen or if the "Eilantrag" gets rejected, you can get deported even though court hasn't decided on your appeal yet.
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