We applied for asylum in March 2017, and got denied in November 2017. We filed a case for reconsideration in late November/early December 2017. It has been six months and we have no news. Will we be exempt from deportation?
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Yes, @Thor, you're right. I live in Osnabrück. Yes I'll go ahead and **** for counselling centres. Thank you!
Ok, I just did some quick research and found the following addresses that you can go to:

--> Tuesday 10-12 o'clock and Thursdy 14-16 o'clock (at Caritas, Johannisstraße 91) - you don't need an appointment

--> Tuesday 14-16 o'clock (at Exil-Geschäftsstelle, Krahnstraße 11) - you don't need an appointment
Thank youuuu, @Thor! You're a big help. <3
I'm glad to hear such positive feedback :D

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Hello @someoneingermany

Nice to hear from you again.

It's illegal for the German state to deport you before a final decision has been made on your case. If you filed an appeal and you are still waiting for a decision then you won't get deported in the meantime because your procedure is still going on. After a negative result however, it is possible for Ausländerbehörde to deport you if there are no reasons to grant you a Duldung.

Best regards,


answered Jul 18, 2018 by Thor
Hallo @Thor, Thank you for your response! It means a lot. Just to confirm: since we filed for reconsideration/appeal, that means we wouldn't be deported for the meantime? Because I am really, really nervous. Especially that the refugee situation is getting a lot of attention again nowadays.
Ok I reread your response. I am hoping we'll hold on to this. Thank you again.
As far as I can tell, you won't get deported until further notice. Authorities will send you a letter telling you if they made a decision.

If you are nervous you can also go to a local counselling center so that they can take a closer **** at your case. It's always good to have a second opinion. Do I remember correctly that you are living in Osnabrück? If so, I can do some research about such centers or initiatives that you can go to.
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