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I was in Deutschland but he deport  me to Pakistan and now i want to go back and i asked in money place but dont know some really. Thats how much i will be pay for Deportation  to go back by air .
asked Jul 21, 2019 in Asylum proceedings by Sohab

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Dear @Sohab

Thank you for reaching out to the Wefugee Community! 

I am not sure if I fully understand your situation. The German authorities deported you to Pakistan and now you want to travel back to Germany? What exactly do you mean with "money place"? First of all, I am afraid that you got an entry ban for Germany for a certain period. Please check and consider this. If you want to travel to Germany by plane you need a visa, which the German embassy might issue regarding a special purpose (family reunification, work, studying etc.). If you want to clarify or discuss your case further do not hesitate to get back to us! 

All the best, 


answered Jul 25, 2019 by Meike
Yes i have 30 months ben but he told me when i Married hear with german girl then i can apply for family visa . And now i want only how mus will be cost the Deportationen money
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