Hello everyone,i lived in Germany for 20 months with my family.unfortunatelly my asylum application was rejected and i was deported back with my family in Georgia with 30 month re-entry ban.
my question is if i have a chance to get a visa for ausbildung,because i want to study IT and my wife is a nurse also with high-school diploma,which we can to make recognition and she can work then. We want to learn B1 level German before applying for a visa,but is it worth to do so?
Thanks in advance!
asked Jul 7 in Asylum proceedings by nikks | 259 views

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2 Answers

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Hi. Not its not possible because of your ban. Please read your deportation or Ban information carefully don't be ignorant. Again even if you apply for a visa they will reject it because of the ban. All the best.
answered 6 days ago by Simi
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Yes he is right, when you have an entry ban? You definitely can't apply for a visa, you have to wait and I don't know how you came to Germany, if you entered Germany with a visa then unfortunately Germany should record your passport number, I don't know if your country, if you get a new passport does it put the old one's number on the new passport? But if say, you came to Germany without a visa, then Germany only has your Eurodac fingerprints, so in this case you can wait until the ban is lifted after three years, go to the embassy and apply for a visa and say you have never been to Europe, and can only take your chances that way, because I have researched Europdac for a long time, and in general only the people from the Dublin procedure, the German authorities and the Bamf and the Bundespolizei only **** at that fingerprint, you apply for a visa they generally don't **** at that Europdac fingerprint, so if you're entering Germany on a visa then unfortunately you have to wait five years, five years they remove the fingerprints and you have to say that you've never been to Europe, and it can only be that way, theBecause in my experience, unless you have an inseparable family relationship on the German side, as an example, such as a marriage in Germany, it's almost impossible for a rejected asylum seeker to apply for a visa again to come to the EU
answered 3 days ago by Fx294984590
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