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I had been a Turkish master student in Germany since the mid-2018. In the last winter semester l was at my 7th semester. Since my study has prolonged due to my major depression and my father's death, l applied for the Visa-residence permit extension.
I was requested to submit a studyprognosis for the extension and l did demand it from the By the examination office and the proffessor who signed my prognosis,l  was informed that due to the pandemic ,the issuance of the prognosis is possible till the end of 9th semester so l am in the unproblematic frame and extension of the Visa is not a problem. l was given a positive prognosis. I went to the Auslanderbehorde Berlin with this prognosis. There the officer told me that she can not extend my residence permit but l can get a fixitionbeschiningung. If l can submit nachweis from the university that shows that l will be registred for the thesis within 2 months,then it would be maybe possible to extend it. Since in our institute, the thesis registiration takes place 2 times at the summersemester, l thought that it would not be possible to show the registiration at the end of 2-3 months. And l asked the outcomes of not being able to show the thesis registiration at the end of fixtionbeschiunung. The officer said that it will be very bad and negative. So she suddenly suggested that maybe l can take my application back and l would be given a grenzubertrittsbescheinigung. Since l was stressed ,l said yes and l was ordered to book a ticket and based on that l was issued a grenzubertrittsbescheinigung to leave the country within 8 days. When l was leaving l asked to the officer, what are the outcomes of this process? Do l have any entry ban or is it exactly the same process with the deportation. She did not answer it and then she said that maybe l can come back to Germany with different purposes-finding a job.etc. and l can always visit as a tourist.
I left  the country within the given time and l asked to the Auslanderbehorde again,after l left the country , If l have an entry ban and they said no, and they said it is possible for me to come back with a Visa.
I am completeley confused by the process and frankly do not know what is my legal status-deportation, voluntary return or what?
Since the homeschooling is currently possible, l am trying my best to complete my study. However, l feel severely depressed and afraid of not being able to visit any country in the world not only Germany and Schengen zone.
I have family members in Germany, France and Lebanon so it is really a life changing process for me and l feel very regretful to apply for the extension.
I am really sorry for my long message; but l applied and made an online meeting with different lawyers but since the time is limited and since l can not send a power of attorney paper to the lawyers from Turkey(due to the pandemic) the meetings did not end up with the concrete deductions.
So l really need someone's help here and l will be really grateful if you make a short time to look at my case.
Is it possible to visit other countries at least as a tourist in this situation? And  is my return called deportation or expelled as a legal word and process?
asked May 12 in Legal advice by Belkis

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Dear @Belkis,

Welcome back to the Wefugees Community and thank you for reaching out to us again.

First of all, I am very sorry to hear that you were facing so much trouble and stress lately. 

Regarding a potential re-entry ban to the Schengen area, we discussed a similar question in this thread before. Please follow the link for more details. 

As far as I understood from your explanations, the German authorities issued a so-called "Grenzübertrittsbescheinigung" and you left Germany voluntarily - they didn't deport you. As the civil servant at the immigration office also mentioned that you may apply for another visa after you returned to your home country, I assume that they didn't issue a re-entry ban. The latter is usually given, if people get deported or in certain cases after a (repeatedly) rejection of an asylum application. Regarding your travels to Lebanon - Lebanon is not part of the Schengen area and different rules for immigration may apply here. I assume that Lebanese authorities are probably not very much interested in potential entry-bans to the EU (if they know about this at all). 

I hope this helps and please don't hesitate to get back to us with any further questions.

All the best,


answered May 30 by Meike
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