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If I get Duldung and during this time I study in the university. Can I stay because of studies ?

I asked from the lawyer but she told me that because of Ausbildung I can stay but she did not know that refugee study here and stay because of studies ?
asked Mar 25, 2018 in Education by Zichako

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Hello @Zichako

It's true that it's possible to get a so-called Ausbildungsduldung for the duration of an Ausbildung. It enables you to stay in Germany for ~3 years (usually) and after that you will have 6 months to find a job in a related field. If you succeed you will get a residence permit for another 2 years.

Studying at university, however, does not grant you a residence permit and it will not change your legal status.

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answered Mar 26, 2018 by Thor
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