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Ladies and gentlemen

I would like to know please if there is any possibility to complete my study in Germany , as I have a bachelor in Pädagogik from Damascus university , at the time I don't have yet any status in Germany!?

Thank you in advance
asked Dec 26, 2015 in Education by Mohammad

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2 Answers

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Hello mohammad iknow that if you have studied in the university of damascus you can continue learning in germany as soon as you have the b1-b2 language course done that depends,and then you can continue.
answered Dec 27, 2015 by Kenan
Okay thanks kenan for the infos, I will go to the Uni soon , so I could get also a new infos regarding to my question..
Good luck my friend
is there certain age for study continue in germany
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Hello Mohammad,

for general survey of informations about studying possiblities in Germany for people from abroad see informations here:

Regards, Jan
answered Dec 28, 2015 by Jan
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