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Hello i want study master of engineer in Germany how can i get except and visa?
asked Mar 1, 2018 in Education by Ahmed2020

Hi @Ahmed2020

That depends on your background. Did you do a bachelor in engineering? And if so, where did you do it? Is your bachelor degree “anerkannt”? 

Do you live on Germany? In wich City? Since when are you here?

 Do you have your officiall refugee status? 

There is no generell answer. We need to know the things above first. 

All the best. 


Hi @laura23 yes i have bachelor of computer engineering And i get it from iraq I don't live in germany I'm in iraq now Thank you for your time
@KironHelpDesk you are experts in this field, right? Do you know what the next steps are? is he qualified for your program? Or can he even start right away at an other university? all the best, Laura
@laura23 thank you so much
Maybe @BildungsberaterIn has an answer to your question!

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Hi @Ahmed2020

We actually have quite some information about Masters in Germany in our Help Center. You can find all the details here:

Hope this helps.


The Kiron Team

answered Mar 15, 2018 by KironHelpDesk
Hi @Ahmed 2020. In general, it is possible for everyone to apply for all universities and Studienkollegs (colleges) in Germany as long as you fulfill the requirements, also from abroad as long as you fulfill the requirements. To get a first overview, you can check the following website whether your school degree and bachelor degree is recognized in Germany. Concerning the requirements to get a student visa, you must contact the German embassy in Bagdad. We hope this helps. Best regards, Lernladen Neukölln
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