My name is Hazha and I am 34years old coming from Iraq. I have master degree in Software engineering and I worked for more than 5years as drilling engineer in Iraq in in Halliburton company in the  rigsites. And  I want to study master degree in international business management and I do not know where to go or how to apply for such thing and tow months ago I sent my certificates to Dusseldorf to be equalized but till now I got no answers. What is your advice or from where should I start to get a chance to study?
asked Jun 8, 2016 in Education by Hazha | 840 views

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Dear Hazhe,

here is a link with the most important informations you need to start studying in NRW:


and this is a list of all Universities and their direct contacts regarding questions like yours:

I would suggest you find out which University offers the studies you'd like to do and then just call the responsable person. I am sure they can help you!

Let me know if you had success!


answered Jun 9, 2016 by Henny
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Hi Hazha,

It´s good that you have already sent off your certificates to be equated! This is definitely essential to being able to apply to uni programs. Two months is I think not too long when considering all of the certificates that are currently being processed... but where did you send everything to? Maybe there is a contact that can check on the status of your certificates.

In terms of applying to Masters programs, I think that there will be easy to find International Business Management programs in English. Is that what you would be looking for, or should I also **** for programs in German? For general information on the process, check out:

answered Jun 8, 2016 by julia.d
Dear Julia, thanks for your reply and yes I am looking for International Business Management programs.
But do you have any information about the nordreihn westfalia because as I know I will not be allowed to change my city until I get an Ausweis at least.
So if you have any information about any university that provides such programs to the refugees like me I would appreciate it.

The links that Henriette posted are great for general information and contact information. In terms of specifics programs in NRW, I´ve found a few business/management programs:
(German but partially also English): https://***.fh-aachen.de/en/course-of-study/international-business-studies-b-sc/der-studiengang/
Thanks dear fur these informations
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Hi Hazha, I think it is great you want to continue studying. Probably, it would be a good idea, before you apply, to get  some kind of coaching to choose the subject, and discuss your expectatives. An MA in Bussines does not mean anymore what it meant 10 years ago, people who get the most out of it are those who already are working within the area and have already some experience, but I grant you I do not have all details, and that is why I think it would be advisable to find some support to make the decision  because it takes years and lots of financial and other efforts (even if you would get a grant), especially because you already have a Master, even though not in this subject, but a great  Subject nevertheless that could open plenty of doors for you. I think  caritas offers councelling, and there must be other providers, public and private. I could try to find out more if you would be interested.
answered Jun 18, 2016 by EG
I wish if I can find anyone to advice me regarding what should I do especially in Germany there are a lot of chances for my speciality.
Please let me know if you find any information
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