Here you can ask, answer and find questions surrounding the topic: arriving in Germany asylum is failed in I applied asylum in Italy again.italian gave me a letter which mention either I have to return UK or go for a solicitor to finished my fingerprints from UK so my case will be proceed in italy.whats the chances of finishing fingerprints (DublinIII) from UK???
asked Feb 27, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by adam18
edited Feb 28, 2018 by Thor
I applied asylum in italy.I have fingerprint  (dublin) in Italian asking me either go back to uk or ask lawyer to finish your dublin (fingerprint ).so your case will be consider in's my current position.

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Hello @adam18 Nice to hear from you again! I think I don't understand your situation completely yet. What exactly do you mean by "finishing fingerprints"? Best regards, Thorgen
answered Feb 28, 2018 by Thor
Hello! It's mean to file appeal against dublin111 deceion.where Italian ask me to go back to uk. (Can you recommend me any lawyer in italy for asylum case please?..
Hello @adam18 - unfortunately I'm not familiar with the Italian asylum system and its stakeholders. And the language barrier prevents me from doing some proper research. Maybe someone else from the community can help you find a lawyer in Italy. Best regards, Thorgen
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