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I am felix from Nigeria,  my asylum was rejected and I have appealed in court. My asylum was rejected again. I have appealed again  . My woman that want to get married to me is a polish citizen, she has been living in Germany  for 24 years now though she don't have German passport but she have Italian passport and polish passport. I want to know if it's safe for me to get married in Germany , if I give theme the required documents for marriage including my Nigeria passport, won't they use it to deport me?  Please I need advice on what to do or is it safe to go to Poland and marry with her ?
asked Jan 28, 2018 in Legal advice by felise123

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Hello @felise123

In general it’s possible for you to get married in Germany. It doesn’t matter that you are an asylum seeker.

But you are right: It’s risky to hand in your passport at Standesamt especially since you’ve already been rejected twice. Standesamt might inform Ausländerbehörde about it. In case Ausländerbehörde wants to deport you later on, they already know that you have valid documents to prove your identity.

Concerning your question if it is safer to go to Poland: I don’t recommend doing that. You are not allowed to travel because you are still an asylum seeker.

Best regards,
answered Jan 31, 2018 by Thor
Hi m from India I got sylum in  Germany which was rejected now I have doldung my girlfriend is  German we want to marry I have not valid passport or viza then we have decided to go back India and we can do marry in Indian court and after that we can apply for family viza
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