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I am a refugee in Germany and I am rejected by my asylum seeker. but my fiance lives in Australia, so how can I marry her? If I have no travel documents (passport) and any of my identity certificate.
  as you have experience and knowledge , can you please help me ?
asked Sep 21, 2017 in Legal advice by newbie

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Hello @newbie

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This is a tricky situation.

I assume that you got a Duldung since you don't have any identification documents that are necessary to deport you, right? That means that you can't travel at the moment, but your fiancé can come over so that you two can get married here (it is possible to get married to a non-German in Germany having only a Duldung).

But there is a problem: In order to get married in Germany you need to provide valid documents that prove your identity (for example your ID). Handing them in at Standesamt could lead to your deportation if they tell the Ausländerbehörde about it.

But even if you get deported it’s still possible to marry your fiancé in another country. For example in your home country.

Best regards,
answered Sep 28, 2017 by Thor
Thank you, but I think it's different from dedlung, because still I have applied my case to the court after the reign of my response from them and wait for my second interview in court. I still have the permission to stay in Germany and I go to the beruf school. but I do not know how long it takes to get my second interview.  I've answered the rest of you. Thank you very much
Hello @newbie - thank you for clarifying this. Alright, that means you are still in the process as an asylum seeker with an Aufenthaltsgestattung. Having this status you can't get deported until the end of your procedure. Anyhow, you are not allowed to travel abroad (not to mention that you don’t have the required documents to do so anyways). So the only way to get married to your girlfriend right now would be that she comes over to Germany. You can get in contact with your competent Standesamt (registry office) and ask them what documents they need from you and your fiancé. But once again: in the end you will still need some sort of identification documents (passport, ID etc.). Best regards, Thorgen
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