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Hi everyone,
I have recently rejection from Bamf for my Asyl right and now I making “Klage”, my question is how can I stay in Germany even if they don’t accept me objection?!
I found work with full time, made integration course and I have the green light to go on in “Anerkennung” to be official Pharmacist in next year if I succeed the exam.
I build again my life here and I don’t want to lose it! Please help me.
I live in Köln
Thanks for your help
asked Dec 17, 2017 in Asylum proceedings by Lay

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Hello @Lay

Thank you for your question and welcome to our community!

If your asylum procedure ends with a negative result then you might get a “Duldung”. That means that you are allowed to stay in Germany because there are reasons why you can’t get deported back to your home country (e.g. danger of life/persecution).

Unfortunately neither your job nor the finished integration course nor the “Anerkennung” will grant you a residence permit.

The only exception from this rule is if you start an “Ausbildung” (apprenticeship/vocational training), you can get a so-called “Ausbildungsduldung”. That’s a “Duldung” that allows you to stay for the duration of the apprenticeship and the following two years (or longer) if you find a job in a related field.

Best regards,
answered Jan 17, 2018 by Thor
Hallo@Lay one last possibility if anything else goes wrong is the so called "Härtefallkomission" that is a commitee that exsist in every federal (Bundesland) , they check if anything else has gone wrong again if there are humanitary reasons or other reasons for a person to stay
Hallo @Ginny,
I hope I get my Asyl right after the objection but man must be prepared for worst scenario!
Thank you for your precious information, can you please explain to me what is (Härtefallkomission) ? And how I get them if something bad again happened? I live in Nord Rhine-Westphalia.
Have a nice evening
a "Härtefallkomsission" is related to the Bundesland and it is a group of people who check if there is a reason to let yout stay in Germany ( like having a job, good integration..) that is the difference to the decision of the BAMF they do not check the situation in your home country but your situation here, for the details of the procedure I would recommend to contact the "Flüchtlingsrat Nordrhein westfalen( greetings Ginny
Hallo @Ginny,
Thank you so much for your help, I will check it soon.
I wish you all the best
Best regards
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