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Before I got a rejection letter from Bamf.. I was recently applying for passport for my marriage issue,  and some other documents that I was ask to bring for the marriage and in this time I received a letter to leave Germany or make appeal in court which I did and my case was is in court, I got a job and I went to get a working permit the woman in the office she asked me if I have a passport that it was the new law that if you want to work I said yes but I am using it for marriage preparations and she ask me for the copy which I did and she gave me 3months to bring the original and with also working parmit for only three months.. I told her I don't know if I will be finish by then she ask me to sign to bring it in three months which I did,  and I was not able to finish submitting the documents in the city where I wanted to marry because of the papers I was ask to translate them to Deutsch language  within that three months,  I went to renew my papers because the three months is finish,, she ask me again where is the passport?  I told her I am still making use of it I am not done,  she refuses to give me working parmit in the sense that she still have my copy, she gave me normal allowance because my case is still in court I got 6 months parmit without working,  then on the 4th month my the grace of God I was able to summit the whole papers that was required and now .. The city that I want to marry said they will ask for my file from my city which they did already, and then also they have sent all the documents to my country..   and then they  said all the papers must be sent to my country that will take 6 months for verification before I will be allowed to marry.. Now I am afraid because if I am given them my original passport maybe I will not marry again or it is not necessary now I should wait until my papers are back within the next few months that I still haven and again if I have appointment in court and they said No to my asylum do you think I can still marry I mean before my papers Return or when I am married do I need to still give them the passport... Please I will be glad to get am answer from you thanks..
asked Nov 8, 2017 in Legal advice by Dihno (180 points)
Please I want your answer thanks...

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Hello @Dihno

Thank your for your question and welcome to our community!

If I understood you correctly you asked three questions at the end of your post. Let me try to answer them one by one.

1.) You send your original passport to your home country in order to get a verification that is necessary to get married here in Germany. Now, should you wait until the papers come back or is there something else that you can do?

As far as I can see there is probably no other option than waiting for the documents to be send back to you. Usually you can’t speed up the verification process so you have to rely on the authorities involved.

2.) Will you still be able to get married before the papers returned in case there is a negative outcome on the asylum case?

In short: no, to me it doesn’t seem that you can get married without your verified documents.

That’s why it’s even more important what result you get on your court case. Because your options for action depend on the status that you’ll get after the decision.

With a Duldung you can’t get deported so you probably have enough time to wait for your documents to be returned. Then you hand them in at registry office and you can get married. BUT: If your missing documents were the reasons to give you a Duldung it could happen that it will be revoked as soon as you hand in a valid passport at registry office.

However, if it ends with a rejection you have 30 days to leave the country “voluntarily”. If you don’t do so you will get deported sooner or later. Only a marriage to someone with a right of residence (e.g. a German citizen) that is imminent can prevent deportation. But if your papers are not coming back for months, this won’t be possible :/

3.) Do you still need to hand in your passport at Ausländerbehörde in order to get a work permit if you already got married in the meantime?

First of all, I’d like to ask if you are getting married to a German citizen? If so, that will grant you a residence permit that allows you to work without the permission of Ausländerbehörde (with one exception that is self-employment). Then you don’t need to give your passport to them anymore.
If you are getting married to a non-EU citizen it won’t have any influence on your work permit. You will have to hand it in at Ausländerbehörde in order to get a work permit.

Feel free to ask further questions if anything remained unclear or if misunderstood you :)

Best regards,
answered Nov 10, 2017 by Thor (43,890 points)
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Thank you very much for your reply... First of all... Number (1) I want to get married to a German citizen,  I have my fear on that which is,i have given them my passport copy at the auslanderbeoder and they want the original which I said I am using it for my marriage process,and they stop my work  and now the marriage process is still going on I mean the verification is still going on in my country , and I am still having the original passport here in Germany, because they said at the standesamt that they will need it the day that I will get married but the auslanderbeoder wants the original before I can start working,,so is confusing me.... Should I give it to them or should I wait until my documents are back my fear is,,  if I give it to them and they said no at the court they might send me back immediately or is that not possible until they get back to me from my county.. Thanks waiting to hear from you..
answered Nov 10, 2017 by Dihno (180 points)
My Dear Dihno  let's prey for the best only. Because stadtsam see your passport and they make the copy and give you back the passport book.

Because I experience this case stadtsam can't accept only copy of passport without seeing the passport book.

You can 100% believe they will inform auslanderbehörde.

Just keep in good faith and prey for the best
Alright thank you so much.... Please I want to know something again.... If your girlfriend is pregnant and she is Deutsche what is your benefits and from which month exactly do you bring her to auslanderbeoder... Please explain to me from when do I start doing this about it..???? Thanks
You have to do the so-called “Vaterschaftsanerkennung” (acknowledgement of paternity) and declare that both of you want to take care of the child (“Sorgerechtserklärung”) at Jugendamt (youth welfare office). That’s already possible before the child is born. After doing so you can apply to get a residence permit at Ausländerbehörde. It’s called “Aufenthaltserlaubnis zur Personensorge”.
Am glade thank you very much
I'm glad to hear that I could help you :)
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