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Hi there, I am still living in a building with many people in for 2 years no privacy just like a jail, and my Asylum applicant was rejected but I am still staying like no force of leaving the country, My document says I can't rent a house in any other place but my own small town, so my questions are...

If I Start Working full time job in next city, will I have a right to rent a room in that city? If so, how long must I work before I am able to rent a room? What if I work but no full time job does that have any effect on it? Will my rejected application prevent from renting a room? I have already asked the Auslander but they said I can't move from my town to the city that I will be working in, but heard that the company I am working with can help me do this? I don't know where to start, can you guide me and give me some tips what are the possibilities, is it even possible?

Thanks alot
asked Oct 3, 2017 in Home & Living by Jackman

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Hello @Jackman and welcome to our community!

You probably got a so-called "Wohnsitzauflage" in your documents. You can ask your competent Ausländerbehörde to remove it, but chances for this to work tend to be low (usually they just do it if you have family members elsewhere). You need to provide convincing reasons why you want it to be removed.

One of those reasons could be that you tell them about your future job. The problem is that the commune that you are living in and the commune that you want to move to, have to come to an agreement if they allow it. But usually the commune that you want to move to doesn't want to pay for your social spending. So if you can make a living on your own it's always a big plus.

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answered Oct 5, 2017 by Thor
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