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Will jobcenter still pay for my rent if I start working part time teilzeit or I should pay by myself
asked May 30 in Home & Living by Smart Djaba | 1 view

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Hi @Smart Djaba

The answer depends on your individual situation. The Jobcenter looks at how much money you need each month to live. This is 502€ plus rent costs (including bills). They then **** your income from work (the net amount after taxes). Some of the money you earn the Jobcenter does not take into consideration, i.e. they calculate as if you receive less income than you actually do.

If, for example, you need 900€ altogether to live on every month and the Jobcenter calculates your earnings to be 700€, then you will continue to receive the difference of 200€ every month from Jobcenter.

The above is based on the situation for a single person without children. For couples and families it is a bit different.

If you earn enough from the job to cover your costs and are not entitled to any more help from the Jobcenter, you can apply for Wohngeld from the Sozialamt in your area. This is a benefit for people who have enough money to be over the minimum for Jobcenter, but who still need some financial help. Here’s more about it:




answered Jun 1 by mbeon-Éanna
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