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Hi, I am from Pakistan. I left pakistan for UK in 2013 with a student visa. The purpose was more and less to flee then to study so I wrote a letter to The Queen which was then forwarded to the foreign ministry of UK but then with a suggestion of some friends i went to Dublin (Ireland). After staying there for 20 days the reason because of which I left my country seemed to be resolved and i booked a ticket and went back.  In Ireland i was in contact with UNHCR and Immigration office but I didn't claimed officially asylum. After sometime my situation got worst and i had to left my country again in 2015. I reached Germany by the end of 2015. And had my final interview in April 2016. After waiting for more then an year yesterday I got my refusal with a ground that this is my second asylum. Though they have added a reply from Ireland to the file which states That I left Ireland voluntarily and was not deported and also by legal mean. They say as I was in proper touch with the British Home office so it's my second asylum here in Germany. Further more i am trying to ger married since one year but the Standesamt is asking for pass. Which is like to invite them to deport me. I got my admission in PhD and now studying here. I have learned good German. And having a minijob as a translator since 4 months. I need advice. What should I do? Should I wait and can left for another EU country or may be they would say that it's my 3rd asylum then. Or can I get married without passport? I have translated my all other documents as birth certificate and family tree certificate. I have lost my interest in my studies and can't concentrate on my research.  Please help me out with some advice. Any advice would be highly appreciated.
asked Aug 15, 2017 in Asylum proceedings by lost soul

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Hello lost soul and welcome to our community!

I wouldn't recommend to go to another EU country because (as you said) they will most likely say that it is a 2nd or 3rd application. Instead you should try to get legal support since your application in Germany was in fact the first one and therefore entitles you to have a proper asylum process. May I ask where you live so that we can do some research about organisations etc. that might help you?

Concerning your plans for marriage: As far as I can see having a valid pass is essential in order to marry. But as you already pointed out: It's risky to hand it in since your deportation could happen anytime. I will link another question that circles around a similar topic. The information provided there might be of interest for you too:

If you have further questions feel free to ask the community!

Best regards,
answered Aug 16, 2017 by Thor
Great answer @Thor
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