Dear all,

    First of all thank you for all answers given! You re doing an amazing job! I come from a EU country and i work and being living since many years in Belgium, where my application of getting the nationality is ongoing but will be approved soon.
    I've been in a relationship with an asylum seeker in Germany. His initial application was refused. He comes from Nigeria and we've just appealed. The process is very recent.
   We're discussing different possibilities. How would you advice us to proceed? Where can we find online infos on the documents needed? Can the marriage be done in my country or the country i m living in our situation ( as he cannot leave Germany actually)? If we decide to live in the country i m living, is that possible, before me getting nationality or he risks deportation till all the paperwork is done?
  Thank you very much in advance for your help
asked Aug 6, 2017 in Legal advice by tk
the easiest way would be to ask him to come to you, and apply for a asyl in Belgium. the Asyl procedure takes time, so you can get your citizenship when you got your citizenship. Marry him in court, may be your boy friend would need some important identificational documents.
Hello @Mike0777 - welcome to our community. Unfortunately your suggestion won't work. In accordance with Dublin III convention Belgium authorities will check if tk's boyfriend already made an asylum application in other EU-member states. This way they will find out that he indeed applied for asylum in Germany at an earlier point in time and deport him back since Germany is thereby responsible for the asylum procedure. Best regards, Thorgen
Thank you very much but i ve read the "Dublin II handbook"and indeed Thor is right.. you cannot apply in more that one countries for asylum. But i would like to ask you there possible for me to "invite" him for marriage in Belgium because i read it can happen but i didn't quite well understood under what conditions..
Hello @tk - have you checked out the website of Belgiums Integration Office? They provide information about getting married in Belgium, but unfortunately my French is not good enough to understand everything being said there (and there is only few pages available in English): You will find lots of information about visa etc. on that site as well.

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Hello @tk - welcome to our community and thank you for your question!

I would highly recommend both of you to get in contact with the registry office (Standesamt) in the city where your boyfriend lives. They can tell you in detail if and under which circumstances you two can get married.

They probably want to see a couple of documents that you need to provide. Ususally it is a certificate of birth, a passport that proves your identity and citizenship, an official confirmation of residence (Meldebestätigung) and maybe (if existent) a so called certificate of no impediment. But please ask them first which ones it is since it may vary from Standesamt to Standesamt. Keep in mind that it could be that some documents must be verified by the German embassy in Nigeria first.

In addition you should be aware that German authorities will probably get suspicious since your boyfriend's application has been refused. They will most likely start investigating to find out if he is just trying to get married in order to gain a residence permit - even if that's not his primary intention.

I hope this helps to clarify the situation at least a little bit. Feel free to ask further questions.

Maybe @Marcel or @Steven have additional information.

Best regards,
answered Aug 8, 2017 by Thor
Hope this helps you @tk
Thank you very much!! we will start with that! i ll come back to you! thank you for your rapid answer!
My girlfriend  is from bulgaria  and she live  here in Germany  working and I also is live in Germany as an asylum seeker  and what can we do to get married?
Hello @Timothy - welcome to our community. As I outlined in my answer above you should go to Standesamt and ask them for a list of documents that you need to provide. Keep in mind that depending on your nationality you might need to verify some of your documents at the German embassy of your home country. If you tell us where you're from, I can tell you more about the procedure in detail. Best regards, Thorgen
Am from Nigeria @Timothy
Alright, since you are from Nigeria you will have to hand in your documents at Standesamt (they will tell you what exactly they need). They will then proceed to send these documents to Nigeria in order to verify them. This might take a few months (4-6 or more) because the German consulate general will have to get in touch with local lawyers that will check the documents for authenticity. So unfortunately it's quite a time consuming procedure, but that's the only way it works. Best regards
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