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I am still waiting my answer as an asylum seeker . I have my partner living in canada and i am an african .my lover and i wish to get married this year and start our own family . How do i go about marrying her here in germany or in canada? How possible can it be to marry her ? Please tell me things i need to know . Thanks
asked Apr 14, 2017 in Legal advice by kev
Whats the quickest way to follow to have the right being an asylante to marry my lover while still under asylum process in germany
I @kev, I will link @marcel and @steven also to this question. They usually have a good answer for all the questions connected to law, as they are lawyers themselves. Perhpas they have a good insight on this specific question. Have a good weekend in the meanwhile
Hello kev and welcome to our community. I just wanted to tell you that I moved your question to the "Legal advice" category in order to make it easier for others to find the question. This way there is a higher chance that people with expertise about this topic can get in contact with you. Best, Thorgen

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Hi Kev,

as you in the asylum process here, it would be the easiest to marry in Germany. because you will not be allowed to go to Canada easily. So your girlfriend needs to come to Germany for marriage.

Further, to have a realistic chance that your marriage will be accepted by German authorities (e.g. not a fake marriage) you actually should move together. Otherwise it will be difficult to get married in your situation now.

You could also try to marry in a another EU Country such as Denmark and then get that marriage approved in Germany.
answered May 11, 2017 by Marcel
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