The time I need to find a job, I’m looking for a job, writing my job applications, are there any things, any rights or support I get from the state from Germany in this time and if yes what is it?
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It’s different if you are in the asylum process still, you get support by the Agentur für Arbeit. If you have working permission and you are in the asylum process right now we recommend that you register there because then you are in their databank and if there is a job offer they can match you to it and let you know. If you are recognized then you are cared by the Jobcenter.

Again you should be registered there and there will be a person that can help you. In addition there are many initiatives that will support you in finding a job, ours is one of them, Turning Tables offers training in gastronomy if you are interested, Hilfe von Menschen für Menschen also offers you mentors that can help you with the job search.

I think there is many offers and support that you can find. Agentur für Arbeit if you are not recognised and JobCenter of you are recognized.
answered Dec 27, 2016 by SIR
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We always recommend to do a german language course. There are a lot of offers. Also online offers f.e. or there are many websites where you can learn by your own.

There are some for free, not all of them but we recommend to use the ones that are for free and we recommend to go to libraries or f.e. here in Munich there is a study hub that every refugee can use, it’s from Kiron University.

But also if you don’t study there you can use their Hub and go there and use the computers there. So the time you are not employed or you are not in an integration course or something I would really recommend to study german language.
answered Dec 27, 2016 by turning tables
And what If you prefer german slang or street language?
I think for the spoken language you don’t need a school to learn it. I think it’s hard to learn Hochdeutsch. We as Germans have to go to school to learn it, so if you have the possibility learn Hochdeutsch I highly recommend to learn this. As the other, the spoken language you can listen to in the radio, watch tv, go to parks or go to events.

There are a lots of events where you can get in contact with others. For example there are mentoring programs where you can get in contact with german native speakers. But learning properly german is quite hard. So if you have the possibility to, just do it! Also the written language. And I am not only talking about Hochdeutsch.

 If you decide to learn a specific job, where you need specific vocabulary you should learn this as well f.e. we offer a training in german in gastronomy that is quite specific.
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