Could you tell me more about what I should **** out for on the work place so that my right are respected? Thanks
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My name is Isabel Barlage,

I’m Human Resources Manager here at Capgemini. So what do we do? Me and my team we recruit employees for Capgemini, we advice them in all laboural questions.
Maybe just a few words about what are your rights as an employee in Germany, and what you can expect.

We have a minimum wage in Germany, It’s currently 8,50€ but next year it will be 8,84€. It applies for almost all jobs in Germany. There are few exceptions, for example the minijob but also if you do an apprenticeship, an educational training and especially when you are younger than 18 years then there’s also some exceptions to that. Normally an employeer will pay at least that minimum wage. There’s also one exception for long term unemployed but those are a few exceptions.

Just one more word on minimum wage. As the word says, that’s the minimum an employer has to pay you. It’s quite a new law in Germany. Before employers could pay even less than that. Now the law says, that’s the minimum, it has to be above.
Another thing, we already mentioned it before. If you are in an normal employment, the employer pays one half of your health insurance, for your social insurance and also for your pension. You pay the other half from your salary. But that’s also for normal jobs, excluding mini jobs again, that the employer covers those insurances.

And what is important to know as well:  Your employer also has obligations towards you. And this is to inform you what exactly your job is and to train you to do this job. Also to protect your health, to protect you from danger in your job. When you finish your job your employer has to write you a reference and give it to you, where it says what you did etc., so you can go and apply for the next job.
answered Dec 27, 2016 by Isabel
This 8,50€ is without taxes?
It’s without taxes, it’s before tax.
But usually if you have a low wage you pay less taxes. I’m not sure how much is deducted from that.
It depends on a lot of factors.
To know more about reference letters and "Arbeitszeugnis" read "What is an Arbeitszeugnis" https://***.wefugees.de/k/questions/1778
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