What is an Arbeitszeugnis and does it exist for any kind of jobs?
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The Arbeitszeugnis is an official reference letter. The employer has to write that for you. There are certain rules what needs to be in there. And as far as I know you have the right to get it for any kind of job.
answered Dec 27, 2016 by Isabel
If that are jobs that are not highly qualified you nevertheless have got the right to get a reference letter. But if it’s not as qualified probably you won’t find that details about your qualifications to that reference letter. But the reference letter itself saying yes you did that job and you did it well or you were very reliable as a person. This is the obligation of the employer to give it to you.
So this helps you alot if you want to apply for the next job, so that the next person knows if you are good, if you can work, if you are reliable, stuff like that. So this reference letter is like an entry ticket, it’s a good letter, it really helps you. So try to be the best who you can be, so you have a good letter for the next job.
And you should ask for it. Especially for one month jobs or something they do not give it automatically to you. You should always ask for it.
So we can ask about this reference letter also while we are working or after finishing the work?
Both. Sometimes you can ask for a Zwischenzeugnis when you are still in the company, to testify what you are doing. In the end you definitely get it.
If you for example have a time limited contract, that’s a cause why your employer has the obligation to give it to you because you have to find another job as your job is time limited. And probably if it’s of interest what issues are addressed in such a reference letter: it’s f.e. about your qualification, your enthusiasm, about how reliable are you as a person, did you always come in time. These are typical issues that ar referent in such a letter
One more comment on  labour law:  it’s always wise to have a written work contract. When you start working you don’t have to have it legally, but it’s always good! Ask your employer for a written contract. Lots of the legal things are written down, for example how many days of holidays you have, what's the Kündigungsfrist, the period of notice, how many weeks in advance do I have to say it, what’s the probation period in the beginning of the job. So ask for a labour contract and everything will be in it. And also ask your employer to explain it to you, if you don’t understand it.
One point to add: When you are still in the asylum process you do need to have a contract because in Munich f.e. you need the approvement of the Ausländerbehörde if you are still in the asylum process or in the first 15 months of being in Germany [if not finished the asylum process] and for that you do need a written contract. So once you are recognized it is possible to work without that contract but it’s always good to ask for one.
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