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Ich bin ًAyed und ich komme aus dem Jemen . Ich bin 34 Jahr alt . Ich Wohnen in Deutschland seit 3 Monaten .Ich spreche noch nicht gut , so bitte tut mir leid i werde in Englisch schreiben.

I am in Telecom Eng ,  I have Master degree Form Azerbaijan Technical University . And I have more then 10 year experience in Mobile companies ( Vodafone- Nokia Network- Siemens- Nokia Siemens Networks- Nokia solutions and Networks) I work as a Telecom Engineer, CW engineer, Telecom Consulting, Ti supervisor, Ti Manger , Project Eng .... act

I am a refugee now as the war in my country doesn't stop , and I ask for help from you that I can find work or contact to Telecom companies,
I live in Rendsburg I am going to VHS now .
If you need and information or any documents please let me now. I speak Arabic, English, Russian and Turkish. And I don't know about law in Germany In which city i am allowed to work .i have with me my CV, university degree  ,employment letters from companies where I worked or training certificates and workshop and other documents. If you need to copy let's me now .

My experience with 2G, 3G, 4G Equipment ( BTS , PSU , MW) Installation and Commission start from Planning till optimization .

Veil Danke

Ayed Alareqi
asked Nov 21, 2016 in Work by Ayed
#english #job #IT #rendsburg

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Hi @Ayed,

You should definitely check out workeer and register there =)
They not only can connect you with emplyers wit a positive attitude towards hiring you, but they might also help you in simplifying the understanding of difficult laws.

You might also want to check out

It is possible to find jobs in Germany in which German language is not required. Generally, the Federal Employment Agency is responsible for dealing with job vacancies in Germany. Refugees can register themselves at one of these offices (known in German as Agentur für Arbeit) if they are searching for work. There, they are able to receive advice or assistance.
These websites can be useful:

Another suggestion we received from @Dave is:
I recommend not to trust the jobcenter only. Since, they are happy if you take any job and are out of the statistics. In past they offered very much "Zeitarbeit" jobs and pushed unemployed people to take them. In these jobs you have to jump from company to company for minimum money and work in production as shift worker with zero skills. Instead of that, i recommend that you use google maps to check the industrial estate areas in your area. Check the company website one by one. If you find an interesting company just write them an email with your cv (including a foto) and tell them your skills.
This will results in better jobs with better payment. But please don't be frustrated if you have to write 100 or 200.

These questions from out last event might also come handy:
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answered Nov 23, 2016 by Paolo Find here a list of the companies you might want to directly contact working especially in telecommunitucation. I think this might come handy =)
@Ayed, you might also want to give a look at . Also here you can find many companies that could be very interested in your profile. <br><br> I'm not aware of your legal status at the moment, but I'm sending this information with the idea that you can already apply for a job. If you know differently or you need more info about that, just let us know =) Have a good day Ayed =)
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Thanks Paolo for all information.

I have frist to speak with lawyer , if I can work out of my city ?
I was employed by Nokia more then 6 years and Nokia located in München .  Mr. Matthias Liebig ( Head of Multi Project Management ) and Mr . Christoph Beck ( Customer team head ) were my bosses in Azerbaijan in one project, and I was reported to them . then the leave to Germany. I try to connect them but I didn't find there Emails or Number and Nokia is located far from me . And i am not allowed to go out of Schleswig-Holstein. I have My employment ID in Nokia . I don't know if Nokia have projects running here or no , but at least I can get an Idea , I saw Many Telecom tower init Nokia equipment here in Germany.
Anyway thanks a lot ,

Have a nice weekend
answered Nov 24, 2016 by Ayed
You're very welcome!
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