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I have visited Germany before about a year and a half ago and stayed there legally as a visitor , would that decrease my chances to win my asylum case ? My situation is different now , when I visited germany before I didn't use to face the violence and discrimination I am facing now so I had no reason to seek asylum when I was there back then.
asked Sep 7, 2016 in Legal advice by eman

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Hi Eman,

your former visit in Germany doesn't generally affect your chances to be accepted as an asylum seeker. See accurate informations about German asylum law here: (follow the menu on the left on this site for details).

During the asylum process you will very likely have to explain, why things have changed so dramatically in your country, that you were obliged to leave.
Please read the basic informations about the asylum procedure I gave you as a PDF elsewhere (

Kind regards, Jan
answered Sep 7, 2016 by Jan
Many thanks
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