Hello Guys, I'm Ahmad a Syrian refugee, I've gotta question regarding the requested procedures for the family reunion here in Germany. I want to bring my wife here to Germany, but as you know i have a limit of 3 months after I receive my BESCHEID to tell the authorities that i want to bring my wife here ( Family Reunion ) , so i only have that period of 3 months to inform the German authorities that i want to bring my wife here,, and if that 3 months end without telling them about my family reunion application then i cant bring my wife here (i will lose the family reunion right). I've been told that the first step is to register my application online at the Auswärtiges Amt website, so I filled the Timely Notification (Fristwahrende Anzeige) and the Visa application successfully and then saved those two files as PDF file. Today I went to the Ausländer Amt to give them the Timely Notification (Fristwahrende Anzeige) to inform them that I want to bring my wife here, but the employee in Ausländer Amt told me that he doesn't need those papers, I asked him if the online registration at Auswärtiges Amt website is enough to inform the authorities that I want to bring my wife to Germany, and he said yes that's enough and he refused to take the timely notification papers. The employee couldn't speak English also I cant speak German so I'm afraid that i did not understand him correctly. So my question is: Is the registration at the Auswärtiges Amt website enough to inform the authorities?? some Syrian people say that you must give the timely notification papers to the Ausländer Amt and they will stamp and signature it and keep it with them. So now I'm so confused and afraid to because I've received my BESCHIDE on 28/04/2016 and now i only have to months since the German Embassy in Beirut takes about one and a half month to respond to and give me an appointment. So i just wanted to be sure if the online registration is enough or there are requested papers that I should give to the Ausländer Amt ?? Auswärtiges Amt website: https://familyreunion-syria.diplo.de/webportal/desktop/index.html#start attached you will find a copy of the first and the last pages of Timely Notification (Fristwahrende Anzeige) application. I'm waiting your reply and hope to have helpful answers here because right now I don't know what to do about this step. Thank you so much for your time. Best regards,
asked Jun 8, 2016 in Asylum proceedings by Ahmad Karabelli | 1,865 views

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Hello Ahmad,

I have read through the link you sent with your post.
According to the info given there, it is important that your wife brings the printed version  of the timely notification and all other documents needed to the appointment with the German Embassy in Beirut.
There should be an QR Code on the Timely Notification which is simply scanned by the person in the Embassy. This QR Code gives the person in the Embassy the info on which date you filled out the notification. I can't see this Code on the pages you attached, so maybe it is on page 2 or 3?

I also read that sometimes the Ausländer Amt stamps and signures the timely notification. So if you want to clearafiy you should go there once more with a person who can translate from english to german. But as far as I have read, the most important thing is, that your wife brings the timely notification to her appointment with the German Embassy within the three months.
I hope this helps.
answered Jun 8, 2016 by Danny
Dear Danny, Now things are clear to me, I really appreciate your kindness and your help, I hope that i can do something good to Germany in future and to German people like you and many others, Thanx again for your help, I wish you all the best my friend :)
Dear Ahmad, Thank you for your kind words. I am glad I could help. People like you are an enrichment for this country. I wish all the best for you and your wife.
wow, this helped me as well!!! thanks guys :)
good job, Danny :) and welcome to wefugees^^
Thanks for the warm welcome, Mirco. I am glad that I found you guys and try my best to be of value for this community :-)
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