I am new here and **** for someone to help me in the registration of the university and how to study in Germany
asked May 25, 2016 in Education by fouzi | 1,225 views
Hi Fouzi! Welcome to the forum :) Where are you living right now and how long have you been in Germany?
Seems as if Fouzi is living in Kassel. Unfortunately the same question seems to appear three times, but with slightly different information.
hi jan I'm sorry I used this program one day ago
julia ja .ich bin vor acht monat in deutschland angekommen und jetzt ich habe deutsch lernen . meine adresse ist ysenburgstr.24 kaseel..
It´s okay! I see your message now and will reply there :) Also, on any forum online I think it may be a better idea to give out your address in private messages, or to just say the neighborhood/area where you live. If you want any posts deleted where you´ve posted your address, just let me know!

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Actually you can't submit to any college with out minimum the B1 certification.
When someone want to submit to a university he have to send them an email
And then he have to make an application for him in the university website,and then he have to send them all the papers they need and the B1 or DSH certification included and they won't accept it till all your papers are ready.
Now the thing is you have to ask about the conditional acceptance you submit for a college which accept students with no german skills. So they give you an acceptance letter, be aware that when you have this acceptance letter you van join this college as soon as you finish the language and bring the DSH or B1 or C1 for them. The problem is the conditional acceptance is  MAYBE only for the students who want to come to germany to continue studying 'legal way'.
Be well!
answered May 26, 2016 by Kenan
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As Kenan says, there tend to be different requirements regarding German in each university, however for a basic overview of the process and requirements you can check out this website:


The website has a lot of good information: hover over "Refugees" in the top bar for a list of other resources. Specifically in regards to studying you can find a list of unviersities that offer courses for refugees are guest students (as well as a map of these Unis), official information about legal requirements for studying in Germany, and instructions about how to prepare/apply for study

By the way, would you like to stay in Kassel to study?
answered May 27, 2016 by julia.d
ja ,, i want stay in kassel just to study..
Here is the contact info for the Welcome Center of Üniversität Kassel:
International Office , Welcome Centre, Moritzstr. 18, 34109 Kassel, Tel. 0561/804-3564, welcome-centre@uni-kassel.de. I always find that going into the office will get you the best quality and quantity of information :)
As Kenan mentioned, Kassel Universität has minimum language requirements. You have to have a university entrance qualification and German language skills with the equivalent of C1. The University doesn´t have the option of being an unofficial student and just sitting in on classes without receiving a certificate.
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