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we live in a small village in saarland. there is no integration courses here. we are waiting from 5 monthes and nothing happened yet. and no people to communicate with. and for sure no jobs. we were trying to move to another place. all of our searches question is: if we keeped learning language alone and then we applied to the companies for ausbildung in another state or another cities after we get b1. can we do that or we can just apply in companies in our place.
maybe after we find a training offer and we get out from jobcenter we could find a flat easier than now.
in all cases our interest is in mannheim city. if someone has any advice
asked Feb 23, 2016 in Education by noah

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Hello Noah,

I'm a in a hurry right now so please pardon me for giving you a very short answer:
Your freedom of action depends on the current station of your asylum procedure.
I suppose that you already know this, but you might not know the details and the subsequent possibilites of action for you. So see this information for details (Google translation):

Kind Regards, Jan
answered Feb 23, 2016 by Jan
thanks jan
I'll check this out :)
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try this online program to learn:

everybody is so keen on those integration courses, but a lot of people are soon disappointed, as they have not always the best teachers there. Depends on the low wage that is paid.
answered Mar 2, 2016 by aby
yesterday i was in job center
they told me there is no courses for us before the summer.
i would be lost 1 year and 2 monthes here without getting any course. actually im trying to study alone but i need a teacher to explain me the co complicated things. and its alot in German language.
i decuded to search a flats in some cities and keep studying alone
il check out the link. and thanks for your advice ☺
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Hey noah, here are some links for supporting you in studying german: if you speak arabic app learning german with whatsapp you can sign up there and learn german (i don't know how it works exactly) marhaba videos in german and arabic - information about germany and society Jojo - a telenovela where you can learn german with videos and exercises
answered Mar 13, 2016 by Sonja
And another idea, if you have facebook: in many places are locals who want to help and maybe explain things for free. search for facebook groups for your location or send me a message, i will search if you want
thanks alot Sonja
this is also useful ☺
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