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Hello all,

I've some questions in mind, hopefully, somebody will be able to sort that for me:

1- Is there any "ausbildung" in in Information Technology ( IT ) that doesn't require a perfect German ? like programming for example ?

2- What kind of certificate must I have to be able to apply for such an "ausbildung"

Thank you,
asked Jul 27, 2016 in Education by Rebiwar

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Hello Rebiwar,

there are many different education programs for all kinds of special fields in information technology, things are in a state of flux. Graduation is important but it may not be the only determining factor of obtaining a special education or training. You don't need to be a perfect German speaker (who can claim to be perfect ;-) ), it's also important to know some English.

Your should put your questions to a local advisor to get a precise answer and to reach your aim sometime soon. I think this is superior than to provide you with general information.
Search for one who's next to you here: (provided by Federal Office for Migration and Refugees BAMF)

Kind regards
answered Jul 28, 2016 by Jan
Thank you Jan, I will do that ..
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Dear Rebiwar,
I could find the answers to your questions on the internet, since the sources are all in german, I will explain the most important things and give you the link, so that you can have a look aswell!

Your first question depends on what "perfect" german means to you. For an "Ausbildung" you don't have to verify your german as you would have to if you wanted to start studying. Nevertheless you have to understand german at least a bit to be able to communicate with the other employees in the company and with your boss.
It really depends on the company and on you, I would say.
All the important informations regarding "Ausbildung" you also find here:
(it's in german...)

Regarding your second question, I found out, that you don't have to have a certain certificate to apply for "IT-System Elektroniker". You just have to have finished middle school, the rest depends on the company that will employ you.
you can have a look at all the important informations regarding this special "Asubildung" here:;BERUFENETJSESSIONID=wlkwqVIqBdMSLE519OvLxI8FqPWVT9V87jrvz8u3ZxAiKl_6Y8p_!1582604135?path=null/kurzbeschreibung/zugangzurausbildung&dkz=2927&such=IT-System-Elektroniker%2Fin
unfortunately its in german. I wasn't sure weather or not you can understand, but in case you don't, maybe someone can translate it for you.

If you would like to have a look at other "Ausbildungen" that talk about IT, you can type in "Information Technology" in the search box on this internetsite and you will see some names of "Ausbildungen". When you click on the names you will also find all the important information for those certain kind of "Ausbildungen".

I hope this could help you


answered Jul 28, 2016 by Henny
Thank you Henriette .. I'll check them and if I have any further inquiries, I'll get back to you ..
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Hello Rebiwar,

"2- What kind of certificate must I have to be able to apply for such an "ausbildung""

If you want to do an "Ausbildung" in a company (dual vocational education and training) than there is no overall rule which school certificate you need. Every company decides on its own which qualifications they are searching for in their junior staff.

You don't need to prove that you can speak german properly, but usually a good level is required. Especially when you are competing with other candidates that want to get the apprenticeship training position that you are applying for.

But as Jan said: it's probably the best idea to get in contact with a local advisor that can give you precise advice.

Kind regards
answered Jul 28, 2016 by Thor
Thank you..
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I could find the english video to the Professional Training for "IT-Systemelektronik"

some of the video there can seen also in english:

For the porfessional School you will need German and English knowdlege.

If you have more question contakt a "Bildungsberatung" in your City.

Best Regards,

LernLaden Neukölln
answered Aug 2, 2018 by BildungsberaterIn
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