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I am interested in Ausbildung in Germany. What is the procedure . And Duration of Course.
 I am interested in Elektro .

As i am Electrical Engineer.
asked Dec 4, 2016 in Education by Aman
Dear @aman , the community will sure find a community for you soon. until then, have you tried our research function? Try to write "ausbildung" in the box above and read some of the old posts in the meanwhile. Have a good night :)
Hi Aman, if you have an offical certificate of being an electrical engineer you may not need to start from the beginning. There ara several places in Berlin (like LernLaden or Jobassistenz) where you can get  free education counselling and information about ways to start an Ausbildung or in your case doing a so called "Nachqualifizierung".
Good call @colocha!

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Hi @Aman ,

I would like to ask you in which city you live in order to connect you to the right resources. If you could also tell me which languages you can speak I can also try my best in sending you information only in the languages that you understand.

Not knowing that, I can still refer you to where for sure you can find some positions available. They have a database made especially to connect refugees with employers. Definitely try that out.

An ausbildung is a form of vocational training or apprenticeship where a student attends school and works simultaneously. The student gains both theoretical and practical knowledge at the same time. (find here a good video in German to understand more about it

I would also suggest to call or mail the Bundesagentur für Arbeit (you can find their phone contacts and email contact form here ). They could offer you some counseling to understand better which is the best working/learning path right now i think.

For what concerns the duration of the course: I think it's about three years if I remember correctly.

If you send more info about your educational/working experience I'll try to taylor my answer for you. Don't hesitate in asking clarification about this answer.

In the meanwhile, have a good day! =)

answered Dec 5, 2016 by Paolo
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