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Hello, I stay in stadt called Emmendingen and there's a lot of pressure for refugees. For example, you can't get your interview unless you finish for two years in a camp or Heim. So I heard that there is a chance to move another stadt for doing Ausbildung but my teachers and sponsors insisting that I do my Ausbildung here Emmendingen. So please what can I do? Please help me
asked Nov 2, 2016 in Legal advice by Yarka3
Hi @yarka, while the community tries to gather more information please have a look at these thread and see if you can already find something useful. Best and good luck, Paolo  ::::   ::: I'll try to link your question to some experts and I'm positive about the fact that you can find some more useful information
I think also this could be very useful
@Marcel or @Danny might have some good advise for you. Best, Paolo
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hi Yarka 3, that's correct you can move to a different place if you can secure a place for Ausbildung there. You should try to find a place for Ausbildung at a place you want to be. Once you are offered a Ausbildung there your teachers cannot hold you back. You should decide for yourself first in which area you would like to do a Ausbildung and then search for specific offers for refugees in this area.
Pls let me know if you continue to have practical problems to find an Ausbildungs-place or if you are denied to apply for one outside Emmendingen
by your teachers/mentors....
answered Nov 4, 2016 by Marcel
Thank you so much Marcel. I would keep you in touch and inform you how the process go on.
Yeah I have also another problem for finding a Platz for Ausbildung so what should I do? I am interested to do as Elektronik for Geräte und Systeme? May you help please ?
Hi Yarka3. Well as a Start I guess you should Start looking for Ausbildungsplätze   in and around Freiburg (which I think is a nice town. Have you tried already? Or go for a Brückenpraktikum in a bigger firm first. Have you checked with the jobcenter?
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I have another question about Ausbildung so should I ask here or I write new question in the community?
answered Nov 7, 2016 by Yarka3
hi @yarka, if it's about another topic, please feel free to ask another question. Don't forget to explain your situation properly. Have a good evening
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