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Hello every 1
Dear ms"Dear mr"I would like to share you,my situation in germany.and finally I will hope,to help me how can we resolve now I stay deutschland almost five months,me and my family,and also my dear wife has a pregnancy with seven months,still we did not make a fingerprint for asylum,and time is continue,and every one wish hope and live,so respectfully I need your idea about that!!!
Thankz all off you
Flache HandpeaceFlache Hand
Blaues HerzloveBlaues Herz
asked Jan 28, 2016 in Asylum proceedings by zakihanad
Hello, German asylum procedure is overburdened with applications at this time and is under reorganisation to manage the current situation. We should nevertheless know where in Germany you stay right now, so that we can think about how we can help you, for instance with a contact to a local organisation that supports refugees.  Regards, Jan
Hello,right know I live in North west valley in krefeld...Thank you very much

Flüchtlingsrat Krefeld e.V. Bleichpfad 15 c 47799 Krefeld
Telefon 02151-4123857

Good luck, Jan

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besides my comment above I would like to give you a hint about programs for vulnerable refugees, See for instance Refugee Centre Hamburg (information is available in several languages):

Special adress book for particularly vulnerable refugees (in Brandenburg): in Arabic ( or English ( Please use links without the enclosing  brackets.

Regards, Jan
answered Jan 29, 2016 by Jan
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