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Hallo friend
I have been in Germany more than 3 monthes and I don't have interview date yet I am in Verl city
pls help me
asked Dec 6, 2015 in Asylum proceedings by Ramez (150 points)

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Hello Ramez, usually it is all about being patient waiting until the asylum proceedings are finished, including the interview. The complete registration can take (unfortunately) up to 3 months.They have to deal with thousands and thousands of applications and it takes a lot of time, depending on where you come from and how long the asylum case and the 'Ausländerbehörde' take.

In any case, German bureaucracy is very very strict and conscientious. It takes ages to proceed with every paper. But be sure your case will be reviewed and the interview will take place.

And always, always feel free to ask the people around you

Hope it helps
answered Dec 7, 2015 by Alex (1,520 points)
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