A friend of mine will have his interview at the bamf in a fiew weeks, and he wants me to come with him, how can we make sure that I they will let me go into the interview with him ( iam german)
asked Jun 4, 2016 in Asylum proceedings by Ginny | 614 views

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Hello Ginny,

it's your right to be a supporter if the refugee wants you to be one. The BAMF may not suspend you from the interview (see. § 25 Abs. 6 AsylG).
I added two PDFs, **** for the keyword  'Beistand' (that's what you are).
You can find a brief information here: ****://bit.ly/1UoEqhx

Good luck, Jan
answered Jun 4, 2016 by Jan
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thanks for the information, but I was told that the refugee has to inform the BAMF that he wants a supporter, so how shall he do it? write them a letter or would an email do? and shall he add a copy of my "Personalausweis?)
answered Jun 5, 2016 by Ginny
Hello Ginny, the refugee should give a short infomation to the BAMF, that's what my information material says. You can formulate a short letter, containing that a supporter is wanted, what's his (or her) name and address, then he should sign it and send it to the BAMF. Maybe the refugee has got a reference number, you should add that too. Keep a copy of the document, maybe you need it to pass the gate of the BAMF. If they won't let you in ask for a responsible person (Vorgesetzter), that's what experienced lawyers suggest (e.g. see Hubert Heinhold: Recht für Flüchtlinge). But as far as I know you can inform the BAMF by phone (note time and date) or by mail. You don't need a copy of your identification card (Personalausweis), you are only a supporter and no attorney (an important difference!). If you still need help **** for a local assistance, this map of PRO ASYL can help you to find one: ****://bit.ly/210AgRA
Thank you for these hints!
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